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Our Story

My grandfather purchased this land in 1947 and raised dairy cattle. I remember my Dad talking about getting up early each morning to milk the cows before school. It was a life of hard work. In my teenage years, I remember hauling hay in the summer heat and other chores that at the time only made me study harder in school to avoid the work. Times have changed.

As my family moved back to this same piece of land in 2012, I wanted to do something productive that would make use of the 100 acres of wide open space. I would drink my morning coffee on the back porch and consider the options.

When I learned about the benefits of Grass-Fed beef, and especially about the pure-bred, heritage breed, Red Devon cattle, I was hooked. So here we are today, enjoying raising beef that is tender and tasty that is 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished.

Why Red Devon?

Red Devon Cows at Brown Ranch
DeAnne and a Red Devon Cow

Red Devon cattle are a pure breed that is very efficient at converting grass to beef. Due to their genetic purity, they are the “perfect” animal for grass-farming.

They are very docile as seen in these photos. They are fertile, calve easily and have good maternal instincts. Red Devon have greater longevity than other beef cattle.

DeAnna kissing Red Devon Cow

Here we are at the Red Devon Conference 2015

Brown Ranch at Red Devon Conference 2015


Why did Devon practically disappear from pastures after being the predominant breed for so long?

We even found that George Washington’s Mt. Vernon has Devon cattle that have been in America for hundreds of years.

Dee Brown in front of a Red Devon Cow

Grass Fed

Fat Content

Grass-Fed or Grass-Finished refers to source of food used for the beef. Contrast grass-finished with grain-fed beef.

The reason that grass-fed has come back in popularity is the fantastic health benefits of grass fed beef. Did you know that grass-fed beef has the lower Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty ratio that is more healthy than boneless skinless chicken? (See links below).

At the Red Devon Conference we attended in South Carolina, Susan Duckett explained the how good for us grass-fed beef is when compared to other types of meats.

Grass-fed beef also has much higher cancer fighting compounds of TVA and CLA which is another huge benefit.

So have a great steak for dinner and enjoy it knowing the health benefits of grass-fed beef.

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We have Red Devon weaned calves for sale spring 2016.

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